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About us

We are a group of English students currently enrolled at Purdue University Northwest. We are looking to impact society positively in many ways. Our website will offer new discoveries and data all the time so hit that bookmark button on your taskbar and enjoy!

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Our English School Project


Thank you for stopping by our English School Project website. We have a curious mind, always inquiring about the world that surrounds us. We are eager to learn more, and spread that knowledge to our society. Take a look around and explore our English School Project. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to learn more.


About Our Class Project

Knowledge Meets Curiosity

Welcome to our English 105 community based project. The central theme and focus of this project is community. As a class, we want to embark on a journey that will impact society in a way. Our way of impacting society will be through school districts. We have done mass amounts of research and have realized that lunch debt in school districts is a huge problem. The lunch debt put on students has impacted them in a negative way because their debts are being handed to the debt collectors. 

   Our Goal

As a class, we are going to put forth a collective effort to key in on a specific school district which has outstanding bad debt. Once we do this, we are going to start a "Go Fund Me" to raise enough money to get rid hopefully all lunch debt and unpaid meal charges.


Contact Us

I hope you enjoyed reviewing our project - please get in touch if you want to hear more!

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